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The Evolution Of Bagua

I have been honored and invigorated on my Bagua path of training, researching and understanding. It has become one of the greatest tool's that God has given to me. I can not let a day pass that I have not polished and appreciated these treasures that I have received. With my pleasure comes the pressure of retaining and passing this art to the new generation. This presents many challenges that masters of the past were not in contact with. At a time of war, it was never necessary to convince people the effectiveness of the art. At a time of war people are focused on survival, not theory. Today's martial arts world is consumed with theories of which style is best or more effective. It is because they are not using the art that they have so much time for questions. Even in China they argue over the "ABC's" of a style's movements. "That doesn't look like Bagua!" I have heard from many other bagua practitioners from different lineages. I am faced

Bagua's Good for Anything

This was a fun video to make. I'm just exploring into the world I've been given.