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New books on the way

This is my first story, which follows my martial life from 4 years old all the way to China to complete my training. Lots of good training ideas and concepts are presented as I try to find my place in the world as a martial artist. This is an inspirational story with lots of comedy to lighten the spirit. Soon I will release my first martial arts novel which is a series of eight books. Stay tuned.

MMA VS Traditional Martial Arts

Recently I've seen the topic of MMA vs. traditional martial arts (TMA) in forums, blogs and hundreds ofdifferent places on the internet. Generally, the MMA supporters claim that if traditional arts were effective, they would be dominating in the cage fights and that most TMA guys are trapped inside a world of fantasy combat. Adversely, the TMA supporters say that their techniques are too lethal to be used in a sports setting and therefore the people living inside of a combat fantasy are the people who choose cage fighting to express their art. In my 31 years of training, I began with with traditional arts and then switched to MMA in my teens for competition. Then when I was in my 20's I switched back to traditional arts for the rest of my journey. In this article I will do my best to explain to both MMA and TMA practitioners the pros and cons of each side, with hopes of giving a clearer perspective on the issue. I should begin by clarifying that the modern era has a far