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Gao Bagua Files: Wind Section

As we get deeper into the movements it becomes important to discuss planning. There are roughly 2,500 movements in our system and each one must be practiced a minimum of 10,000 times before you reach an initial understanding. This sounds like an impossible task, but in actuality time can be manipulated to our advantage if we learn how to plan outside of time. This requires a keen understanding of the rhythm and pauses within your own daily schedule. The good news is you actually only need one move to be effective in most self-defense situations. Of course, an internal movement when practiced a thousand times, descends into a deeper level of intuition and quickly becomes 10 movements. Through further research, you find that a single movement is an infinite number of techniques and by learning to change the shape of your body, range and angle of the attack, you can paint a beautiful picture with only one color. In fact, for students who want to really have a deep understanding of Ba