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Finding my Qi: The Story of Robert Jay Arnold

(Note: It's been about ten years since my last serious blog entry so this is a bit lengthy. Get a soda, some chips or coffee and enjoy the trip. Thanks) To Qi or not to Qi, that is the question. Myself I have never been a skeptic, but always a realist. Whatever works in terms of self-defense, was adopted into the arsenal. But effectiveness has always gone hand in hand with truth. Is Qi something real? Or just an ancient Chinese parlor trick used to bring in more students. This is my journey, my search and discovery. A highlight from 4 years old to 40; my evolution in the martial arts. I began my training at the age of four, under my militant-ass father, strictly for reasons of not getting "dusted" by the other boys on the playground. My brothers and I started with Taekwondo and boxing, but my father and old school Korean instructor weren't as concerned with the art in terms of how it looked, as they were with self-preservation. "How can you k