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Tian Wu Dao (All martial artists under heaven)

This message is for the members of the Tian Wu Dao or anyone intrested in taking the red pill. As I have explained before martial arts is just a vehicle that can be used to unlock your potential. Of course many other activities can also help you refine and discover yourself but martial arts is the root of the Tian Wu Dao. This organization is designed to gather martial artists together from all different styles in order to learn, develop and preserve the arts. Unlike MMA or Jeet Kun Do the concept is not mix styles but to better learn how to use your style to deal with various scenarios i.e. multiple opponents, weapons and modern day technology. More importantly we focus on the concept of unlocking the hero within. Martial arts without purpose is just as useless as money without direction. I learned Chinese and came to Asia to further enhance my knowledge and understanding of my art. After gathering information and meeting with many different masters I can see more clearly the directio

All Challenges Are Opportunities

In one of my previous post I discuss a little about how me and my two brothers were forced to learn martial arts at an early age because of reasons of protection. My father's rule was all of his children will start training at the age of 4. At that age I can tell you I really didn't like martial arts. But the town we stayed at in Ohio was extremely racist. I don't mean racism like he looked at me funny or he disrespected me. It was the kind that you would go into your locker to get your books and find a noose instead. My teachers even hated me in some classes. My family was one of the only black families in the entire town. So that meant for us we were fighting almost every week. I got in my first fight when I was 5 years old. As we grew older the fights grew more serious. I found myself fighting with as many as 5 at once at times. This whole time training martial arts was only a tool that I used to get to and from class safely. I got used to having to be prepared to protec

He teaches Tai Chi, Bagua and Xing Yi?

I remember when I first began searching for a Bagua master I found many teachers that told me they taught Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xing Yi. The three internal styles of China all in one conveiniant classroom. I was so impressed with the concept that it became something that I thought I could do myself. When I met my master Wu Guo Zheng I asked him if he had learned the other styles aside from Bagua. He told me a various number of styles that he practice which included Tai Chi but said he didn't have time to focus on them because there was too much Bagua. A short history of development of the Bagua principles. In the beginning there is Wu or nothingness. The idea that nothing is consistant because everything is always changing. This was a concept developed from the Yi Jing which later developed into Yin and Yang or opposing forces. I am not going to go into too much detail into any of these concepts because they are far to vast for my little blog. But I want to notice the numbers. The Yi

The Gao Bagua Map

This is a map I designed to visually see as much of Gao Bagua at once as possible. Sorry I had to write it in Chinese cause it was the only way to make it fit together. (Later in my book I will write an English version). Even though this is a rough draft it is easy to see the complexity of the system. There is a lot of information I had to strip out of this just to make it more simple. I was fortunate enough to be able to have a master such as Wu Guo Zheng who taught me in such great detail and completeness. However I think this is not the case for most of the masters out there. With Bagua I find it is crucial to have a good amount of knowledge of the movements in order to be effective. If you have a teacher that is only showing you partial explanations, then there is a good chance you could be thrown out of balance and maybe even suffer from injury. On the other hand masters will never teach completely to half ass students. Just like this chart there is a "living" balance. E