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One perfect move

I have always seen the line between martial arts and life. How each is just a mirror of the other and a way of achieving a better focus. Recently I was training my footwork when I came into an enlightening experience that let me see more deeply into kung fu and life. While working on my flow training the idea is to keep each movement connected to the last. Movements can be changed in direction, speed and timing but never sacrificing the flow of energy from one step to the other. In bagua the legs pull the body, the body pulls the hands and the hands are able to let the Qi flow through every motion. Striking and defending are all a part of the same circle at a different point of axis. I found myself growing into a much deeper understanding of the movements after years of researching new methods of training. But instead of finding a better way to train, I found a better way to live. I found that every movement was connected to a thought, memory or experience I have had and am yet to