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As the world continues to evolve into the understanding of its own existence, we tend to find ourselves demanding more from mankind. We saturate ourselves with various forms of information with hopes that it will eventually satisfy our craving for the ever elusive truth. Along with this awakening, we've found that many things that we thought to be true at one time, were merely myth, exaggeration or downright lies. Many of the things or heroes that we believed in have been proven to be fictional tales, quietly breaking the hearts of many hopefuls while giving reign and even authority to the skeptic. In the martial arts world this translates into students only interested in learning movements that are "realistic." I think it is extremely important to be watchful in the martial arts world. After all, there are many people who are unable to determine combat movements from high level circus tricks. In every occupation there are those who would seek to take advantag

Warfox Training Rooms and Missions

In order to meet with the needs of students that are all over the world, I've decided to open the Warfox Training Rooms for FREE  online tutorials.  Check out online tutorials for Soft Body Flowing Baguazhang on my facebook page, "The Warfox Training Room." ( The Warfox Training Room is a free visual training blog with  tips to help people have a better understanding of the physics of this system of combat.  There will be videos on an almost weekly basis to help my online students with their practice from the comfort of their home. The first room is focused on the Heaven Section of training, meaning it is the simple truth of how techniques are used and applied. After students have gained enough Warfox Experience points they will be able to advance to the  Warfox Water Section, which goes deeper into the mechanics, offering even more thorough explanations