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Tian Wu Dao 天武道

In 1997 a group of martial artist from different styles came together to learn and develop. Stylist from all ages cultures and backgrounds shared the common goal of becoming better martial artists. The idea was not to necessarily mix your style with other movements but also to purify and refine your style by pitting it against others. The weakness of many styles is that they all only have a chance to practice against like minded fighters. We found that the best way to find the weakness in our style was to be attacked by movements from completely different philosophy. At the same time because our backgrounds were so different we also had to come to terms in understanding eachother's cultural backgrounds and languages. Black, White, Chinese, Japanese, French etc. Through martial arts we were able to find something that we hadn't A collection of heroes and heroines who share a simple goal to find peace and strength through unity. Thank you Tianwudao for your b

Backward stepping practice

In every movement in Bagua it is just as important to be able to do the technique backwards as forwards. If you can only attack while moving forward then you wont be able to get out of a number of circumstances i.e. grappling. This is my master showing how to engage while moving backward.

News article in Taipei Times

This was a nice article that they did about my life in Taiwan. Step by step Im getting closer to my goal. Keep training my fellow martial artist. Were about to have our own dynasty.