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Zombie Bite

Looking back at my life and the different martial arts that I studied it seems obvious that I was destined to do Bagua. In both our life and our training we are given a series of obstacles to overcome so that we may find or better understand ourselves. We are not flesh, but energy and the nature of our energy maintains the same pattern in all of our activities. As I've said many times the problems you have in your training/fighting are the same problems that you have in your life style. In fact life is really a series of mirrors that continues to show you your weakness and strength through endless forms and patterns. Those who manage to understand their energy find true peace and happiness. While the majority of us never find the signature of our energy and continue to repeat the same mistakes. This of course results in a life that feels frustrating, exhausting or even meaningless. There are various methods that people offer to help you find your "purpose" which inv

Bagua Online (Complete Heaven Section)

Originally I was making personal DVD's for many of my students around the world, but moving to China put a damper in my plans. China will not let me send anything that they deem suspicious...which is a black man selling Bagua DVD's. However it led me to be able to do something even more convenient for those interested in learning Bagua. This online video contains the first 8 basic attacks (movements) of Bagua known as the way of striking (heaven section) along with lots of applications, variations, training drills, multiple opponent practice, fighting from the circle and security usage. This video is good for beginners at Bagua, advanced students or even those who practice a different style but want to mix in a bit of circle fighting. It contains 77 minutes that will teach you to completely adopt these Gao Bagua into your arsenal. It's 4.81 GB, so make sure your computer has the room for the download. For information on how to make a purchase. Contact me at me

The Most Dangerous Attack

Im grateful to my master Wu Guo Zheng for the wealth of martial arts that he has blessed me with. I'm also grateful to have touch hands and shared secrets with many masters of many arts through out the years. Each encounter has made a change to my understanding of my style and in essence has changed the way I perceive my life. My father told me to train so I trained. My mother taught me to pray and I prayed. My Chinese teacher urged me to study and I studied. My master molded me to understand and I understood. I have never been special, but I listen especially well. I am the product of the good people that God has put around me. In the end,  ego is the enemy of truth. Me and my two brothers found the best way to really improve our skills as children was to attack my militant father. Sometimes we'd wait until he was nice and full and we'd launch attacks just as he wiped the food from his mouth. Other times he would be in the middle of watching a game, or just returning