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Training Program

               Yesterday I was teaching my kung fu brother about combat and how to use the 64 palms in a real combat scenario. Like many practitioners he was able to understand the movements well in a practice situation, but real speed and force changed the reality of how a technique is actually applied. When I attacked him, he retreated into pure instinctive reaction and was able to defend himself (more or less), but didn't use a single one of the 64 palms. When he attacked me, I also retreated into my raw instincts and reactions, but I always stopped his attack with the most appropriate palm strike. "How are you doing that?" He asked me confused as I helped him up from the floor. "It's all about programming." I explained knowing that his career was related to computers. "Programming?"  He asked again wondering if he had heard me correctly. I then began to explain to him this metaphor as I went through the 64 movements. "The