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My Heaven Section class in Pullman

They won't be beginners forever.

Bagua's Heroic Blades

When I was young I didn't train to this song, but sometimes it got me pumped up enough to go out and train. This is just basic practice using the Stealth Tiger Sword, Six Harmony Sword, Crescent Moon Swords and a little bit of Qing Ping Sword. I have also been working a lot of foot work practice with weaponry both single and duel handed.

Bagua is Super Bad!!

This is a video I shot from a still camera (thanks Cloak). It just kind of shows some training ideas I have been playing with.  Keep training!!

The Important Questions About Your Art

I mentioned in a previous post the difference between warriors and gladiators, regarding their reasoning for combat. Today most people will often use the term "warrior" when they are actually describing a gladiator. Gladiators tend to be more aggressive men who enjoy the feeling of combat and the praise that comes along with it. Warriors fight to solve a problem and will more than likely not even be noticed for the victories that they have won. Gladiators often beat their chest and use intimidation as a way of showing their great strength. Whereas a warrior would more than likely be afraid of being discovered by his enemy because it would hinder his mission. You should not fear an aggressive man, but a careful man. A careful man can plot his enemy's demise without anyone ever knowing he existed. In addition an aggressive man will never know the depth of martial arts because he is too busy thinking about how to attack. By looking at a few simple questions we can see h

The Choice

People mostly like to discuss the difference between fighting styles in the martial arts world. In my short time in America I have been bombarded with remarks about MMA and the different "strategies" they use to beat an opponent. They debate over the minute details that cause the victor to submerge. But there is never a real victor. There was never even a fight. At least not one that took place in the arena. There are many battles that lie in the road for us whether or not we are martial artists. Anger, Fear and Grief are dangerous foes that lurk in the shadows when no one else is around. The negative feelings that continually remind us to doubt our worth and empower the lusts of our flesh. Our pure soul is bound by our flesh containers that desire the things of this world. The real fight takes place in your ability to continually do the right thing. It's easy to hurt someone that you don't know. It's immensely more difficult to not hurt the ones that you do