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Warfox Bagua Online Training Program (Advantages to Learning Online)

(View Clips at Link Below) This online tutorial teaches 12 techniques through 24 videos, showing hundreds of variations of practice and application. Join at anytime and take your own pace as you learn to master each movement with by watching and sending your own videos to me. I didn't used to believe in online training, but from seeing the results of these online students, I realize there are many advantages to online training that you can't do in person with an instructor: 1. You can see a movement performed again and again with high quality footage from different angles until you comprehend it. 2. You can practice in private, not worrying about how you look to other students. 3. You will never be late for class or feel guilty for forgetting a movement. 4. You choose your own training room, assuring the comfort that you want. 5. You can keep the videos for a lifetime. Even when you get busy, the instru