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Heuk Choo Hapkido My brother Eddie

This is my brother demonstrating a few self defense techniques using the locking system of Heuk Choo. It always helps to add to your arsenal.

錦園八卦掌之天干八卦1(孔太龍) Preheaven demo

This is me practice a few of the movements from preheaven a while back. Preheaven once again refers to strengthening. Post heaven are the applications.

本手第一段對練(李澤堂,孔太龍) Me and the Doc

This is me and my doctor doing a two person form set. We add a few of the foot work movements with the first 8 techniques of Gao

錦園八卦掌之八卦棍(澤堂太龍) Me and my kung fu doctor

This is my me and my doctor doin a staff demo from a long time ago. Which means everytime he hit me in the head, bandaids were always available

Chinese Novels Martial Arts Heroes Brought to the Western World

Picture provided by Justine Wang Part of my task in addtion to passing the Eastern martial arts to the Western world. I also wish to pass a lot of the history and culture as well. A big part of any culture can be found from their entertainment. In fact you will find that most people in China have vast amount of martial arts knowledge even if they don't do martial arts themselves. Much of this comes from their stories and novels. Even though these are just fantasy novels, the details pertaining real martial arts is staggering. I plan to take the first chapter of many of these novels and translate them in order to draw the different authors attention to the possibility of marketing to the Western world. Crouching tiger hidden dragon was just one story of thousands that are out there. This one is called the 8 parts of the Heaven dragon. Its just a rough draft but I think you'll get the point. Its time for a brand new fantasy genre to be brought to life. Click on my other blog htt

Life in Taiwan Interview

Picture provided by Justine Wang This is my good friend John Fotheringham's Living guide for Taiwan. It tells all about how to get to Taiwan and find things regarding language, martial arts and much more. Click on this site to hear an audio interview involving my personal experience with Taiwan and kung fu.