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The Whole World?

I was sitting at starbucks catching up on some of the latest kung fu novels that I love so much when a few MMA guys sat in the seat right behind me. They had just finished a recent fight and were trading war stories about the different events that took place during their fight. "I think my eardrum is busted." One of them said while looking at the other three. "Stop complaining, you only think your eardrum is busted, I KNOW my ribs are broke." The other one said while they all snickered. They listed off different personal injuries and even made mention of some other fighters who weren't there that happened to be knocked out or beaten to a pulp. I listened and I felt bad for them as I turned and asked, "How long do you guys plan on doing martial arts?" "Oh it is just a young man's sport." One of them said. "The longest anyone can survive is about 10 years." One of the stronger men responded as the starbucks waitress

Alley Cat

Recently I have been busy with many personal activities such as traveling and my wedding. I have learned that the most important kung fu is to enjoy every part of your life, for it is the way we say thanks to the lord for the daily gifts. I get excited for the tiniest details because I know in the long run they fit perfectly in to God's masterpiece. When something spectacular happens in my life, I am actually calm and at ease because I know there is nothing that my father is unable to do.  In the process of inhaling the daily joys that surround me I make sure to continue training daily. I never take a vacation from training because my training is a vacation within its self. Especially because I believe that every time you train in an new area you absorb the energy from that particular environment. This means that you should try to train in as many different places as possible to see more options of both yourself and your style. The other day I was practicing Xing Yi on a