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To become a master

In my younger days I had always dreamed of one day becoming a master. After enough exposure to the many arts including Bagua I began to feel that it was an impossible task. So many moves that need to be perfected from any given circumstance in order to be effective at all times. How can one person master 8000 movements when each of the movements should be practiced tens of thousands of times. In my mind, I was convinced that I would never be a master. Yet, in my time training in Asia I have met many masters. All worthy of the title master, specialized in different arts, weapons, skills, knowledge and achievements. After spending enough time with them I began to understand what a master is. "You must have an epiphany about your style." Master Chen said to me one day as we were doing a private demonstration together. His meaning was that you must make a connection between your style and yourself. In essence you become one with your fighting style and the concepts it contains. B