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The Kung Fu Flux Capacitor

This blog is dedicated to a discovery I made in my training which opened a secret to the universe. I can't directly explain just as my master was unable to directly explain it to me. It can only be discovered in growth, not explanation. But I hope by sharing my recent experience, that maybe I can spark something in you that has been sparked in myself.   Lately I have been running through the movements of my arsenal, checking my inventory as well as polishing old relics. Sometimes I can't tell if I am training or tomb raiding as I practice a movement hundreds of thousands of times attempting to shake loose the secrets of the technique. Many days I am left with no evidence of progress, only the self satisfaction of being able to say "I trained today." Progress can be as invisible as God, but in both cases it is faith that gives me the strength for the next day. Three days ago the weather was so cold that not even my Qi was able to stop the painful freezing

Saying is Believing

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Living in China, it makes it tough to get on any sites that are related to google, which includes my blog. In addition I have been involved in a numerous amount of new career changes and developments that have been like a dream come true. As things solidify, I will post news and information about it when I can. If you haven't already seen it, here is a new show I am hosting titled "Kung Fu Hunter" The last year of my life I reached an amazing revelation about effort vs. faith. I have always believed that God was there for me and I had to earn my blessings through hard work, study and focus. I exhausted myself through using every talent and avenue that I could find. It wasn't until I came into a time of rest, that I had true clarity on how to receive the desires of my heart. The truth is there is nothing that can be done to earn God's favor. Just like you can never be