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Glad I missed the bus

My training has continually taught me and re-taught me of how to refine myself. By refining my physical abilities I am able to sharpen my mental skills and percieve the actions of my life through what some would call wisdom. Every master of every creed and type will eventually step into an arena of clarity, a heightened since of perception that can only be called truth. Bruce Lee, Tiger Woods, Micheal Jordan, Muhummad Ali, Albert Einstein and other masters, were able to use their craft to explain a portion of what would be purpose. However on this very same path without guidance we can be tricked into stepping into a darkness with in ourselves that can lead us to perverse our own gift. Man being riddle with flaws, we must always stay connected with the source or we could completely lose ourselves. Every day there is a chance to look into the energy of your own life and choose to grow stronger or grow weaker. We have no control over the things that happen to us but complete control over