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Part 1: The White Jade Tiger 白玉老虎 (英文板)

 In my free time I enjoy reading and translating Chinese classical novels. Here's the first scene from one of them. If you are interested in something like this, please leave a message. Thanks and God bless.  This story is called The White Jade Tiger, written by Gu long. Published in 1976 Chapter One It's an enchanting spring day, an exceptionally important day for someone in particular. Willy Zhao, lays on the warm bed attempting to regain strength after the long ride. His steed, powerful and quick, had taken him over 200 miles in a relatively short time. Still, afterwards he found the need to rest his head on the soft and fragrant sheets. The bed belonged to a woman, Shanna, who is even softer and more fragrant than the luxurious mattress. Every time she knew she would meet with Willy, she attempted to make herself even more desirable. The rays of the sun shine through the window,  the breeze carries in the aroma of the abundant flowers surrounding the house. As Willy looks o