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The Art of Dreaming Without Dreaming

In my lineage of Gao Style Bagua there are literally thousands of movements, but they can be broken into three simple parts: Pre heaven, Post heaven and spacing. The Preheaven, or the development of explosive power, the understanding of energy and Qi development. Post Heaven is the application of combat and how to effectively move in a way to capture or control your opponent. Both of these are necessary and familiar to most Bagua practitioners and martial artist in general. You have to know how to build power and then you have to understand when and how it's used against living breathing opponent. One of these practices can only be done by yourself, while the other should be done against resistance. The third part in our Xin Zhu Bagua Association  that I have found to be significant is the 25 different footwork steps or methods to engage the opponent. In addition to the power development and applications of technique there must be an understanding of how to close the distan