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Training in Difficult times

I find even when training becomes a part of your life schedule. It becomes very difficult to keep a focused mindset when other priorities in life jump out at you. Especially in these days when things are down. The economies down, spiritual awareness is down but fear is up. Yet it is at these times when it becomes most importat to strengthen ourselves. Kung fu means time and effort. And when times get harder effort gets harder. I know the body can only withstand so much. As we age our body's begin to break down, injuries last longer, etc. Though internally it is an opportunity to magnify our power. This is why it is important to always learn to "focus" our minds. When we practice our qi exercies, it helps us to clean our spirits from the inside out. Also it can help clear away bad spirits that may attach to your life. Things that we might see as bad luck that occur in our lives from time to time is not always a coincidence. Its often times a battle that were not even aware

新竹縣錦園八卦掌研究協會 Old Demo Fox With the Guan Dao

This is a little demo I did for Our Bagua XinZhu Association. It's nothing special but I am not sure if I have any videos of me with this weapon yet. Just found it in my Kung fu brothers youtube account.

The Spearhand Offense

Written by Wu Guo Zheng 吴国正 Translated by Warren Fox 孔太龙 Original Chinese Document: Lets talk about the spearhand in terms of attacking. In all of the 25 different footwork movements whether its approaching, dodging, coiling, stepping or hand movements, at the end of every technique is a spearhand to launch the attack. As for practicing with the deer antlers, the most important function is the "spear" technique. Just as the first hand blocks, the second hand "spears" or we can also say pierces through. Of course there are many other changing hand movements and attacks but the one with the most energy is the spearhand. I must say that most martial arts practitioners today are nothing like our predecessors. Before they would practice martial arts as a means of life or death. Now the times have changed and martial arts has also changed. Everyone has put down the weapon practice and mostly focuses on empty handed techniques. But to pra

The Spearhand Defense

Written by Wu Guo Zheng Translated by Warren Fox Original Chinese Version: In Bagua there are many different uses for the spearhand. Almost every technique involves the spearhand, especially in the Post Heaven movements where it is used extensively. What is the reason for using the spearhand so much? To put it simply its because the spearhand's special trait is that it is simultaneously an attack and a defense. In all of the martial arts forms every movement and technique is either an attack or a defense. In Bagua the spearhand is both, which is why it is used so extensively. Because the spearhand is so crucial, were going to look into the best timing and method to apply it. First lets discuss the use for defense. In the area of defense the spearhand is practically our armor. An opponents straight punch, back hand, chopping palm, peeling palm and the single handed crashing palm all can be redirected with the spearhand. Also at the moment of redirect