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Who wants to learn Bagua?

Well after a few last adjustments with my training and projects in Taiwan that needed a final tweeking I am ready to return to the states. Where I land depends on those who may be interested in learning the art of Bagua. I have learned the complete system of Bagua including 18 weapons, post heaven, pre heaven, three principles fist, unlimited fist, Taichi, six harmonies, seven stars and much more. My responsibility as the 6th successor of the style is to share it with individuals that wish begin or further their training in the art. Every individual has a different goal and I can tailor the style to the requirements of each student. Whether you want to stay in shape, learn self defense, increase vitality, security or all of the above, I can give you a complete training program that you can take with you for the rest of your life. I plan to teach to all of those interested around the world using seminars or one one one classes. Please make a comment if you are interested in learning the