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Excuses for Evil

After spending a third of my life in Asia I am having difficulty adjusting to life in the states. Actually I never really "fit in" in the states in the first place, which is one of the greatest factors for me leaving. I grew up fighting with those who hated me because of my skin color. This made me a better martial artists but most importantly it made me aware of the invisible dangers that most individuals pretend not to see.  It wasn't long before I noticed other kids on the playground that were being picked on for different reasons other than my own. Many of them were nerds, weirdos or just different than the other kids so they attracted the same types of violence that I did. I hated bullies of every kind and I wasn't going to allow anyone to be picked on in front of me for any reason. I attacked the attackers and befriended the victims. At the age of 10 I had already established a group of 20 kids that united together and we all became safe from the bullies


This blog started as an attempt to express my growth and development within the martial arts. Yet my martial arts growth is going to be affected by both my personal experience, environment and society. As society changes, I change and new discoveries are found within my art, my environment and within every experience. As I continue to harmonize with my environment, I can't help but to notice how out of sync society has become. Now I find myself facing the problem of speaking truth at the offense of those around me. Is it better to let people live happily within their false reality, or should I share the unpleasant truth? I have been in many different types of dojos and marital arts studios. I am approaching my 29th year of martial training. The things that I have come in contact with over the years would to many seem to be fiction. Yet the more that I train, the harder it is for me to believe that any thing is purely fiction. It also becomes hard for me to believe that anythin

My teaching method

Before I mentioned my desire to open a school. My greatest passion has always been seeing people come into the understanding of their power. Every persons attributes, strengths and talents are completely different so it is important for a teacher to see his student clearly. I often see people that I don't know who are dripping with potential with different kung fu techniques, weapons and specialties. It sometimes a janitor, a waitress, an athlete or "a nobody". He is nobody to everyone else, but in my eyes I see he is the deadliest dagger master there has ever been. Looking at him I almost begin drooling while wondering how I can get this guy to hold my daggers. A very simple situation that if done incorrectly can make me look like some kind of pervert. So I tend to keep to myself and use little hints to see if I can spark his interest in training indirectly. This can be done with speaking riddles, or physical riddles. A physical riddle is something involving place

Slave of Freedoms

(Dave Chappelle NOT ME!) I made mention a long time ago on my youtube that there were 8864 movements in our style of Bagua. Later I came to find that the actual amount of movements was infinite; an eternal math equation that extends into the universe through the movements of the human body. For years I struggled to understand how to write efficiently with an alphabet that contains an endless amount of letters. It wasn't until a few years ago that I realized that that all of the 10,000's of movements are only variations of one technique. The thousands of techniques all expand from a single point into a grid of thousands of possibilities and then back into one single point again. Meaning that even with millions of options in our training and in our life, there is only one truth. Trying to train the thousands of movements thousands of times was exhausting and unproductive. Although the techniques all carried the power and logic of Bagua, they were missing their connection


Sensitivity is such a valuable factor in terms of combat because it allows you to read your opponents every movement. No matter what style your opponent may practice he still has to come in contact with you. By touching any part of the opponents body you can "see" the energy and all opportunities to attack or defend. Listening is the most important form of kung fu. This means that the true key to victory is not by our sight but by our feeling. This is the exact definition of Faith. The most important factor in being able to sense the next step, is to relax. If you are tense while you are trying to read your opponents movement, then it will be easy for you to be caught off guard. By thinking about your attack you actually make yourself more vulnerable to the fray. This is the same as life. We must be fully at rest in order to experience anything deeply. Sensitivity training may start at the touch of the opponent, but it later expands into the opponents mind. His express

June Circles

Monday Circle Training  專掌 Wu Dang Fist    武當拳 Combat Apps    本手 Tuesday         Spear                 奇槍,八卦槍 Unlimited Fist    無機拳 Circle Training  專掌 Wednesday Qing Ping Sword      青苹劍 Movement Research   動作研究 Circle  Training   專掌 Thursday Moon Swords               鴛鴦月 Six Connecting Kicks    六合腿 Circle Training 專掌 Friday Saber               臥虎刀,六合刀 Taichi              太極拳 Circle Training  專掌 Saturday Rest  (Sabbath)   休息 Sunday Movement Research    動作研究 Three Principles Fist     三才拳