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The Harvest

Even in my earliest days of training I had always pondered on how to present my art to the world in a fashion that could be comprehended by the masses. The idea of teaching others to wield the skills that had saved my life dozens of times became an obsession of my own subconscious. Part of me has always believed that our purpose of existence is to share the harvest of our personal development. I seek to pass martial arts to the next generation not because I believe it is more valuable than any other gift, but because it is the seed of my blessing.  Years before people had heard of the term "MMA," I had already been training for more than a decade. At the time it seemed obvious that blending the martial arts was likely to be the most effective manner to take out an opponent, especially if the fray took place in the ring. I fought with fighters of every style on a weekly basis in order to strengthen the metal within my art. It wasn't long before I was joined by a gro