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Corona Virus, Racism, Lockdown and Martial Arts

There has been a storm brewing in recent weeks related to issues of sickness, finance and social problems. I know there are differing opinions of every kind, but from a kung fu perspective (physics, science and math) this could be much more serious than we desire or anticipate.  I wish to start by saying I have nothing but love for everyone. I've truly learned to love people who dislike or even hate me. We are all at different levels of learning and when someone calls me a nigger, I know it's his problem not mine. But many years ago that was a call to violence.  "When a man can make you angry, he can control you." My instructor said to me many times because of fighting in school.  Please note, this article was written in love, but it's probably going to piss some people off. I just hope you allow yourself time to reflect on the truth. Today most of us value our feelings and opinions more than evidence. Every tree can only grow as large as its