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I have often been asked what is the most amazing thing I have seen in the years of training in meeting with different masters. Questions that attempt to pry out the answers regarding the limitations of the human body. As tempting as it is to share these experiences, I find that most times I am forced to hold my tongue. I would love to tell of the impossible feats and demonstrations that I have been blessed with. I've seen techniques that have left me speechless as chills ran through my body. I've also seen movements that reignite the hope of one day evolving into full fledged superhero. Yet when it comes time to share these experiences, all of the wisdom in me, tells me to swallow my tongue. When I was young I always imagined that when I got to the level of master, I would share with the whole world the many secrets that are only written on forgotten scrolls or talked about in rumors and Chinese fairy tales. But from the beginning of my training it was obvious that you may