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The Image Nation

As children we are taught the importance of imagination for the purpose of keeping busy, being creative or just having fun with friends. More than likely because it is introduced to us at such an early age, it’s generally depicted as childish or even worse…a form of fantasy. We often forget that our bodies in many ways are like a universe, made of 30 trillion cells with different functions, most of which are automated, keeping us alive without us needing to understand the extent of their purpose. However, every so often a thought about what we are made of can help us understand a hint of our value, direction and most importantly, perception. What does it mean to perceive something? How is it different from seeing, viewing or witnessing an event? The word “per” as one definition states is containing the largest possible portion of an element. This means as a “per son” you contain the most of who you are. The word “ceive” means to obtain or to get something. In short, we coul