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How to Practice Bagua Well

How to practice Bagua well By Wu Guo Zheng Translated by Warren Fox (Original Chinese Doc at: ) “How to practice good Bagua”, many years before at Cultural Studies University in the martial arts studies program, teacher Yang Zheng Long invited me to do a presentation for the 4th year students who would soon be graduating. Of course this text only mentions a few parts of that days speech. However there are a few additional points that I have made given more time, careful thought and preparation. Where as the original speech was more than two hours long. So keep this in mind. Actually to practice Bagua well is the same as practicing any form of kung fu well. The key components are to have kung fu (discipline), an instructor, a method of understanding and most importantly mental training. Regarding the discipline and development, it depends on the individual. Kung fu to say it simply is “time”. But in a modern day working society everyone is busy with com