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The Bear

To all my fans and supporters I would like to say to you first, I love you. You are the are the jelly in my doughnut. I enjoy sharing my experiences, ideas and hope we can continue to grow closer to truth together. I only wish to serve you, the reader, with hopes that be it kung fu, or life you you will be able to obtain the highest level of true achievement. Let's talk a little bit about a kicking strategy that I learned when I was a youth. I have mentioned several times that my background in the martial arts was spawned from living in an abusive neighborhood. So everything that my father told us about our training was crucial for our safety and survival. "Your kick only has power at the height that you can hold it. If you can only do the kick fast, but you can't control every part of the technique, it is a fake kick." He told us one day while we practiced holding the kick that was making my face squirm through a slide show of expressions while trying to block

False Success

If you practice martial arts, it is common for people to suggest that you enter a competition or begin fighting so that people can see you. If you have a good voice they may suggest that you go to Hollywood and try to see you if you can make it. Because I speak Chinese I often have people ask me why I don't get a certificate and become a translator. All of these suggestions as harmless as they seem, would certainly lead you down the path of self doubt and eventually destruction. Just as subtle as the sword we can be cut to ribbons with bad suggestions. Satan told Eve that if she ate the fruit she would be like God. The problem being that she was already like God. When she ate the fruit she lost what she never knew she had. Our world today is under the very same illusion. Many people are rich in many ways and still seek "success" because we are educated into believing we need something that we don't want. The martial artist who begins competing may enjoy it at f

Bagua Moves RJA 孔有有

Just some light training with my students, brothers and friends. Just trying to show a little of the moving defense from the circle.

Cocoon of Thoughts

Sorry it's been so long since my last post. You could say the past year I have been inside of my cocoon of training while trying to sort things out. When I first went to Taiwan 9 years ago everyone warned me that I would experience culture shock. Even though it was tricky adjusting at first, I got used to my life in Taiwan pretty quickly. Continually being able to train martial arts and practice Chinese excited me. But all good things must come to an end, in order for great things to come. I have been back in America for over a year now and the culture shock I have now seems to be permanent. If you leave your country long enough, it gets easy to see all of the BS when you get back. It's like your vision goes from VCR to DVD. What I see is that many people are busy obsessing over things that they have been tricked into wanting. Their true desires have been put on hold so that they could find a way to fit into the system. The system pretends to feed the participants but a