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The Art of Motivation

Over the years, I have been part of many martial arts schools and various projects involving different skills. I've encountered amazing people with talent, skills and ideas that far surpass my own. Yet, I've watched countless dojos fill and empty as motivation is merely a flickering candle in most hearts. There is nothing more common and more certain to keep an individual from their goal than incompletion.  We all speak of the importance of motivation and that can lead to the emphasis of positive thinking or even hard work, but this will all prove to be a temporary encouragement as "obstacles" materialize often in the forms of inconvenience and discomfort. The key to motivation in all circumstances is hope, but how do we attain hope amid increasingly dark times, betrayal and financial concerns? Sure it will help to turn off the TV, ignore negative people and thoughts and completely isolate yourself in order to attain your objects. This is how many monks in th

Life or Debate?

Firstly, excuse my absence. If you've followed me in my readings, online videos, films, workshops or translations, you know that I tend to take on dozens of projects at once. It helps me develop my art from multiple perspectives as well as gives me the needed skills to spread my art through multiple platforms. As I put one project to a close, it consumes my time, forcing me to let up on certain activities momentarily. The advantage of these "inconvenient" delays is that when it's time for me to share, there is an abundance. On a personal note, I've just completed the Whip and Lash online training bagua program that has been met with great success. Though, many say you can't learn from an online program, the current training group and myself have done everything in our power to prove them wrong. It has, even in the early stages, exceeded my expectations. If you are interested please contact me via email at I've also just complete