Jonathan Bluestein's Research of Martial Arts

 Jonathan Bluestein's Research of Martial Arts is a book I would recommend for veteran martial artists and beginning martial artists alike. It follows Jonathan's many years of experience and really captures the important details of martial arts styles, training, external and internal ideologies, weapons and much more. This book almost reads itself when you pick it up, connecting invaluable information with a lifetime of experience.

I found that this read was very enjoyable as it took time to touch on many of the complex ideas of martial arts, but explained them in a way that is friendly to the reader. The material is also very enriched and can be used as an encyclopedia of martial arts information (I will surely keep coming back to it for my own research). It contained information of styles from all over the globe and gave a very comprehensive understanding to all of their differences. I also loved how the book got into the details of training both externally and internally. There are too many martial arts books that use a very ethnocentric approach to their own style, leaving the reader with a distorted view of the truth. Jonathan's book gave an unbiased approach to all of the different styles while enlightening the reader with fresh perspectives.

What is also enjoyable about the book is the intricate details that it covers within the culture of each art. As Jonathan trains with different masters, he lets you closely observe the involving perspectives of each experience. For a person who doesn't practice martial arts,  this book promises to be a great way to really see deeply into the martial arts world. If you are a well experienced martial artist like myself, you will be able to gather lots of well researched information to help you with your own training.

As this book transitions from methods of training external power into the vast world of internal power, it is sure to help the reader discern fact from fiction. It clearly details what good, solid martial arts is about while addressing the problems with many deceptive teachers. Not only is this book a great read that is worth reading a few times to digest the richness of the information, it is a great contribution to society. As a successor of the traditional martial arts, I often find myself cautious when explaining such powerful and dangerous concepts to a younger generation that hasn't been given guidance morally. Underneath the great writing and well-researched information, this book brings the reader into the understanding of the value of martial arts outside of self-defense. No amount of technology will every replace the need for effort and responsibility. It's my hope that the new generation gets a hold of more great information like this.

Jonathan Bluestein's book is part of the revolution of positive information to combat the superficial skin that society has been dying to shed. Do yourself a favor and pick it up. 


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